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Here you will find links to resources about Futurist Painting and Sculpture

Related Manifestos

  • Manifesto of the Futurist Painters – Boccioni et al
  • Technical Manifesto of Futurist Painting – Boccioni et al
  • Technical Manifesto of Futurist Sculpture – Boccioni
  • Futurist Painting in Belgium – Nyst
  • Plastic Planes as Spherical Expansions in Space – Carrà
  • The Plastic Foundations of Futurist Sculpture and Painting – Boccioni
  • The Painting of Sounds, Noises and Smells – Carrà
  • Chromophony – The Colour of Sounds – Prampolini
  • The Plastic Analogies of Dynamism – Marinetti
  • Plastic Dynamism – Boccioni
  • Why We Paint Ourselves – Larionov
  • The Subject in Futurist Painting – Soffici
  • Absolute Motion + Relative Motion = Dynamism – Boccioni
  • Manifesto of Colour – Balla
  • Manifesto Of Futurist Mechanical Art – Pannaggi, Paladini
  • Manifesto of Aeropainting – Marinetti et al
  • The First Statement of a New Italian Art; Aeropainting – Marinetti
  • Manifesto of Futurist Sacred Art – Marinetti

Useful Internet Links

Artcylopedia – a useful search engine for art work on the Internet. Simply type in the name of the artist or the work and you’ll be presented with a collection of links to various art galleries and museums containing works by that artists. Artists to search for include:
ArtLex – The Futurism section of ArtLex contains links to home pages of a number of galleries and museums holding Futurist paintings and sculpture, with some fairly high quality images available.
ArtInvest2000 – The Futurism section of ArtInvest2000 contains a summary of Futurist art (in Italian) and a collection of good quality images by Giacomo Balla, Umberto Boccioni, Carlo Carrà and Mario Sironi.

Museum of Modern Art – NY

Umberto Boccioni:
Unique Forms of Continuity in Space
Several of the original paintings by Balla, Boccioni and others are held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Their web site contains some useful information about each item (as well as images, of course), together with audio commentaries.

Futurist Art at the Guggenheim Collections

Venice’s Penny Guggenheim Collection has a variety of works by Futurist artists, with excellent image reproductions and extensive commentaries. Be sure to click on the thumbnails for further information and large images.
New York’s Guggenheim Museum has a small collection of Futurist art with some high quality images.

The Contemporary and Modern Art Museum in Rovereto

The Contemporary and Modern Art Museum in Rovereto, Italy houses a large collection of Futurist work, including over 3,000 works by Fortunato Depero, and other works by Giacomo Balla, Francesco Cangiullo, Carlo Carrà, Luigi Russolo, Gino Severini, Enrico Prampolini, Thayaht and Tullio Crali. The museum also houses the newly-restored Casa Depero, and the International Centre for Futurist Studies (Italian only).

Be sure to look at the photo gallery, accessible via the ‘Collections’ tab.

Tullio Crali – the Ultimate Futurist Aeropainter

Established in 1997 as a printed magazine Simultaneita’ is a direct follow-on from the monthly “Futurismo-Oggi” (1969-1993) edited and published by the Futurist artist Enzo Benedetto. Amongst other things, there is an article by Bob Osborn (the author of Understanding Futurism through its Manifestos) about the aeropainter, Tullio Crali.

Fortunato Depero Home Site

Depero Official Site – a useful site devoted to the works of Fortunato Depero, containing many examples of his paintings.

Tullio Crali Home Site

This excellent Tullio Crali site has a wealth of information of the Futurist painter most associated with ‘aeropittura.’ The site is in Italian, but it contains an extensive and well-layed out gallery of Crali’s works.

Mino Delle Site Home Site

This Italian site contains many good quality images by the second-wave Futurist artist, Mino Delle Site.